Ought has spun off Elicit

Elicit is now an independent public benefit corporation and has raised $9 million in venture funding

AI Safety Needs Great Product Builders

We think that building products and testing out ideas is one of the best ways to have an impact on AI safety. This post explains why!

A Library and Tutorial for Factored Cognition with Language Models

Announcing the Interactive Composition Explorer (ICE) and the Factored Cognition Primer

How to use Elicit responsibly

How Elicit works and where it doesn't

The Plan for Elicit

Much more than you wanted to know

Supervise Process, not Outcomes

Machine learning systems are on a spectrum from process-based to outcome-based. This post explains why Ought is devoted to process-based systems.

Building Elicit, the AI research assistant

Elicit users find academic papers, ask questions about them, and summarize their findings

Automating reasoning about the future at Ought

We introduce judgmental forecasting as a focus area for Ought

Ought Raises $3.8 Million

We’re excited to share that we've raised $3.8 million in donations

Evaluating Arguments One Step at a Time

A technical report on our experiments testing factored evaluation of structured arguments.

Progress Update October 2019

An update on our progress towards our goals in 2019 so far

Talk transcript: Delegating open-ended cognitive work

A presentation that outlines Ought's approach to using ML for problems without clear metrics.

Progress Update Winter 2018

An update on our progress towards our goals in the second half of 2018

Progress Update July 2018

An update on our progress towards our goals in the first half of 2018

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