Andreas Stuhlm├╝ller President & board member
Before starting Ought, Andreas was a postdoctoral researcher in Noah Goodman's Computational Cognitive Science lab at Stanford. He co-created WebPPL, a programming language for probabilistic machine learning. He holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science from MIT, where he worked in Josh Tenenbaum's group.
Owain Evans Board member & collaborator
Owain is a postdoc at the University of Oxford. He works on AI Safety and Reinforcement Learning at the Future of Humanity Institute. He holds a Ph.D. from MIT, where he worked on cognitive science, probabilistic programming, and philosophy of science.
Paul Christiano Board member & collaborator
Paul is a researcher at OpenAI, where he works on AI Alignment. He holds a Ph.D. from the theory of computing group at UC Berkeley, where he was advised by Umesh Vazirani.
Derek Elkins Research Engineer
Derek has been active in the Haskell community since 2001. He is broadly interested in programming language design, logic programming, type theory, category theory, and formal methods. He is the creator and maintainer of the agda-vim vim mode, and was one of the initial employees of Now Business Intelligence.
Ben Rachbach Interim Head of Operations
Ben was a software engineer at Wonder Workshop prior to joining Ought. Before that, he was a research analyst at GiveWell. He received a B.A. in Chinese and education studies from Swarthmore College.
Noah Goodman Advisor
Noah is an Associate Professor of Psychology, Computer Science, and Linguistics at Stanford University, where he runs the Computation and Cognition Lab. He studies the computational basis of natural and artificial intelligence, merging behavioral experiments with formal methods from statistics and programming languages.

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