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Ought is a product-driven machine learning lab building Elicit, an AI research assistant. Elicit uses language models to automate and support research processes like literature and evidence review.

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Our culture

Ought is unusual in a few ways:

  • Unlike most research labs, we are a product-building organisation with tens of thousands of users. We announce one or two significant new features every single week, and we benefit from an immediate and tight feedback loop with our user base.
  • Because we're remote-friendly, we get the whole team together a few times a year at a retreat. In early 2022, we spent a week in Tahoe, NV (including skiing!) and recently did a week in Barcelona, Spain.
  • We are a non-profit organisation, but pay competitive salaries and are considering revenue-generation features.
  • Our team members come from startup, non-profit, and academic backgrounds – we try to take the best ideas from all of our past experiences.
Ought team in Barcelona

Our impact

Our mission is to automate and scale open-ended reasoning.

As we work towards this mission, the main tangible benefits will be:

  1. Elicit radically increases the amount of good reasoning in the world.
    • For experts, Elicit pushes the frontier forward.
    • For non-experts, Elicit makes good reasoning more affordable. People who don't have the tools, expertise, time, or mental energy to make well-reasoned decisions on their own can do so with Elicit.
  2. Elicit is a scalable ML system based on human-understandable task decompositions, with supervision of process, not outcomes. This expands our collective understanding of safe AGI architectures.

Our Twitter page shows how Elicit helps researchers today. Our roadmap outlines our vision for how Elicit impacts more than research in the future.

Our benefits

In addition to working on important problems as part of a happy, productive, and positive team, we also offer great benefits (with some variation based on work location):

  • Fully covered health, dental, vision, and life insurance.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts with company matching.
  • 20 vacation days / year.
  • 401K matching program, matching up to 6% of an employee contributions.
  • $2,000 device budget to start, with more accumulating for each month of work.
  • $500 / year personal development budget.
  • A team administrative assistant that you can delegate personal and work tasks to.
  • Different speakers, tutors, and coaches to facilitate professional development.
  • Commuter benefits.
  • A relocation bonus.
  • Generous visa sponsorship (we're H-1B cap exempt).

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